Sweet Baby O

Written by emily

All babies are cute, right? I think we can all admit that.

Olivia - 108

(I bet even the baby on that Seinfeld episode was pretty adorable.)

Olivia - 109

But every baby – like every human – has that little spark of something that makes their cuteness unique to them, and Baby O’s is of the “adorably observant” variety.

Olivia - 113

Seriously. She is one thoughtful lil’ gal.

Olivia - 103

Olivia - 107

Olivia - 111

Olivia - 110

(and cute. Did I mention cute?)

Olivia - 112

Olivia - 134

Olivia - 120

Olivia - 118

Olivia - 122

Olivia - 123

There may come a day when I do not lose my cool over TINY LIL’ BABY TOES, but it is not this day.

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