Wildflowers and Wanderings – {Emily Michelle Photography}

Written by emily

It’s spring here in Texas.

Like most of the country we had a strange winter, long and dark and cold (even by non-Texas standards) and while rain is always welcome here, it’s been a relief to see to see the sun peeking out and to feel the warm breeze blowing under blue skies. This is why I moved to the South.

But beyond even the sun and the sky…there are the wildflowers. For a few weeks in springtime the Texas countryside erupts into a riot of color – blues and purples and reds and yellows – bright blossoms amidst the dark green grass. It’s sheer arresting beauty, like New England in autumn. For a few weeks the wilds put on their very best show.

And we went out to see it.

Wildflowers 1

Wildflowers 3

Flowers aren’t the only reason to see the Texas Hill Country. It’s wonderful to be so close to the city and yet to feel so far from it, to take a big deep breath in wide open spaces and remember all the things that made your home-back-home so wonderful, like little homes on big land and quiet country roads.

And cows. Lots of cows.

Wildflowers 5

Wildflowers 7

I never realized how much I missed seeing cows every day.

Wildflowers 8

We took a rest stop in Mason and walked around the town square. 5:15pm on a Saturday and everything closed up for the evening? Sounds about right.

Wildflowers 9

Wildflowers 11

Wildflowers 15

Wildflowers 18

Even on the sidewalks, the bluebonnets are thriving.

Wildflowers 19

Wildflowers 20

Wildflowers 21

Wildflowers 22

Wildflowers 23

Wildflowers 24

Wildflowers 25


We headed east out of Mason back toward Llano, stopping for some photos along the way.

Wildflowers 27


(For these shots I got several burrs in my jeans and stepped on an anthill. C’est la vie.)

Wildflowers 29

And then at sunset we found it…the spot.

Wildflowers 30

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush and nothing but the sound of our own footsteps and the singing birds: this is the gift of spring in the Texas countryside. This may also go down as one of the more magical moments in my 30 by 30 journey.

Wildflowers 31

Wildflowers 32

Wildflowers 33

Wildflowers 34

Wildflowers 35

Wildflowers 36

Wildflowers 37

Wildflowers 38

Eventually the sun sank down and we managed to pull ourselves away.

(To be back next year? Oh yes, I think so.)

Wildflowers 39

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