Tinkerbell & Dakota – {Emily Michelle Photography}

Written by emily

When I asked Dakota and Tinkerbell’s mom what her favorite thing was about them, she laughed and said she couldn’t possibly pick just one thing. Because she loves everything about them – she loves Tinkerbell’s silly personality, and Dakota’s soulful eyes. She loves Tink’s expression when she’s lost in thought. She loves the way Dakota’s ears perk up when they’re about to go for a run. She tells me that when they were looking for a dog they were only planning to adopt one, but after seeing both they knew that they could never just choose one. They knew that they had to bring both of them home to love forever.

In true Dane style, Tinkerbell is a velcro dog. She loves people and being near people, as close as possible in fact. When she’d lose patience for posing, she’d attach herself to the nearest human leg, and my attempts to get down on the ground were met with a very large dog doing her best to sit down in my lap. It’s hard to resist such assertive affection.

Dakota keeps more to himself. He’s content to let his sister take most of the spotlight, preferring to sit back and watch the action swirl around him. His mom calls him an ‘old soul’. After such a hard early life, it’s evident that Dakota is happy just to be where he is, surrounded by love and family.

A wonderful session with two wonderful dogs. ♥

– Emily

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