Brayden & Bradley – {Emily Michelle Photography}

Written by emily

Brayden and Bradley’s mom, Kelly, wanted photos of the boys for this year’s Christmas cards. So with the holidays fast approaching and the cold weather closing in, we squeezed in a session the day before Thanksgiving, right in the middle of one of the busiest weeks I’ve had all year. It was crazy. It was windy. It was freezing. It was awesome.

I’ve known Kelly for a few years, but had never had the chance to meet her boys. She loves talking about them, of course, like any proud mom would, and when she asked if we could do a session I practically leaped at the chance. Who wouldn’t want to photograph this adorable lil’ face?

“You’re going to get the full Brayden experience,” she told me. Brayden is intensity wrapped in energy and sprinkled with spunk. “And did I mention his middle name is Chase? Don’t forget to wear your sneakers.”

Brayden and I hit it off right away. We played Nerf guns and Lego Star Wars and somewhere in there I managed to negotiate a few photos. As I was packing up my gear, Brayden asked me where I was going. “I’m going to my home.” “Why?” “Because I live there.” “But I want you to live here.”

He wasn’t entirely happy when I told him I needed time to take photos of his big brother. Bradley is the chill to Brayden’s zing. He’s quiet and cool, and opens up a bit more slowly.

Poor Brad got hit with the brunt of the brutal autumn winds, and still he was incredibly sweet and patient while I suggested places for a shot. And then we both ran inside to warm up with cookies and cocoa.

I’ve promised Kelly that I’ll be back when the warmer weather comes. With my sneakers…and my Nerf gun.

1 thought on “Brayden & Bradley – {Emily Michelle Photography}

  1. Kelly Barbarisi says:

    Sweetly said! <3 I still can't get over the instant connection you two made (he really is one tough cookie & very shy when he first meets someone). He's asked several times when "Em-lee" is coming back to play Wii. I guess it's safe to say your Brayden experience was a pretty amazing one! <3

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