First things first – {Emily Michelle Photography}

Written by emily

Little Colin is the first child for his parents, Doug and Meghan. Meghan is the first in our little circle of girlfriends to have a baby – the first wedding I photographed earlier this year was also one of “the girls” – and now this session with Colin is the very first newborn session I’ve done.

Firsts can be many things: exciting, overwhelming, captivating, nerve-wracking. For better or worse, firsts are memorable.

And of course, Colin did all of the things that babies will do during a photo session – peed (on dad), pooped, squirmed, fought sleep, squirmed some more. He was fairly alert for being just 8 days earthside.

Colin 1

It took some quiet coaxing, a white noise machine, and a space heater cranked up to maximum before Colin finally drifted off into deep baby sleep.

Colin 3

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Once Colin was asleep, my assistant/sister helped put a new blanket into place while I held a soft and completely relaxed baby. Honestly, the whole day was worth just those few moments of holding in my hands one perfectly formed little person.

Colin 5

Toward the end of the session, Colin was definitely ready to be done, but he let us capture one more first – their first family photo.

Colin 6

– Emily

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