Martigan – {Emily Michelle Photography}

Written by emily

Eight Things to Know About Martigan:

1. He’s named after Madmartigan, Val Kilmer’s character in the film Willow. Great movie. Great name.

2. Most of the time, he just goes by Marty.


3. He’s a Chiweenie (dachshund + chihuahua).

4. He gets his long hair from his mom.

5. He hates being cold.

6. He likes to snuggle under the covers.

7. He’s constantly finding ways to sneak cat food.

8. Well…he doesn’t always have great manners.

2 thoughts on “Martigan – {Emily Michelle Photography}

  1. Meghan says:

    Love these pics! You really captured the essence of Marty!

  2. Amanda says:

    🙂 Those pictures came out fantastic 🙂 and i love your marty facts haha

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